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If you run a Modern or Advanced Engineering Apprenticeship Scheme, apply to have it Approved with us and make it more straightforward for your students to become Engineering Technicians (EngTechs). 

How we help colleges

As a provider of Modern or Advanced Engineering Apprenticeships, you'll already know that having the right professional qualifications is crucial in helping your apprentices achieve career success.

Our aim is to make it as simple as possible for you and your apprentices to benefit from the endorsement of their skills that being registered as an Engineering Technician (EngTech) provides.

Engineering Technician status

Becoming an EngTech with us provides an internationally recognised benchmark of professional standards. Individuals registered as EngTech can use the letters, ‘EngTech MIMechE’ after their name.

To benefit, we'll need to approve your Further Education college's or training provider's scheme. This makes it more straightforward for your apprentices to apply for EngTech status at the end of their apprenticeship. 

Why approve your scheme?

Supporting the professional development of your apprentices boosts your reputation as a Further Education provider and helps to attract better students

Working with us will also help you to forge links with local employers; an additional benefit for your apprentices.

Approved schemes allowing your apprentices to gain EngTech status will:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to their success – an Approved course helps you demonstrate the quality of your training provision to students and employers
  • Put them ahead of the crowd – after their apprenticeship, professional registration as EngTechs helps students to stand out  
  • Get recognition of their skills – give your apprentices evidence that they are fully competent and professionally qualified
  • Support their life-long learning – helping your apprentices to become EngTechs will create a culture of continual career development  
  • Help with your recruitment – an Approved scheme shows that you're committed to apprentices’ professional development

Degree Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are integrated schemes designed to provide both education and competence-based development to participants. Engineering apprenticeships are designed considering the appropriate competency requirements of the Engineering Council (EngC). Applicants from apprenticeships which deliver either an undergraduate or post-graduate level academic base are eligible to apply for Membership and registration in with the EngC in the appropriate category. However, all applicants for registration at either IEng or CEng must still undergo the Professional Review Interview in order to establish their suitability against the EngC requirements for registration. Apprenticeship documents may be useful if completing the required Membership and registration application material, but successful completion of the apprenticeship does not automatically ensure success at registration.

Apprentices can also join us as Affiliate members free of charge during their apprenticeship course.

Read our college approval brochure to find out more.

Apply to approve your scheme

To apply, you'll need to download and fill in an application form. You'll also need to attach the supporting documentation detailed in the guidance notes.

Please note that if redacted apprentice records (e.g. log books, quarterly reports, portfolios) are not included as evidence, the application will not be reviewed.

When you've completed the application, send it to us by email: .

We Approve against UK-SPEC (UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence) standards for EngTech registration.

Find out which organisations already have an Approved EngTech scheme.

How to apply for re-Approval

Approval is awarded for three years. To continue to offer an Approved scheme after three years, you'll need to re-apply.

To re-apply, fill in an application form:

Application form
Application guidance notes
Terms and Conditions of IMechE Engtech Scheme Approval

Please note that if redacted apprentice records (e.g. log books, quarterly reports, portfolios) are not included as evidence, the application will not be reviewed.

Send us the application form within the three months before your scheme expires to make sure your scheme is continuously Approved.

For more information email:



Approvals and re-Approvals of university industrial placements

If you need to approve or re-approve your university's industrial placement year, download and fill in the application form:

University EngTech scheme approval application form
Guidance notes

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