Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS)

The Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS) is our approved and quality controlled route for graduate engineers. 


What is the Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS)?

MPDS is an Accredited company scheme which follows an agreed structured programme, which can facilitate developing engineers in reaching the competence requirements for registration.

If your organisation has an Accredited MPDS, it has made a commitment to helping you further your engineering competences, from your first placement through to your professional registration. An MPDS will be in line with the competences set out by the Engineering Council’s UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC).

If your organisation has an MPDS and you decide to register, you will follow a structured development framework that will help you as you work towards professional registration application. MPDS does not guarantee registration as an IEng or CEng – you’ll still have to apply and attend an interview, but you will have a structured and monitored route to support your competence development.

You’ll receive:

  • Guidance from a mentor
  • Opportunity for development
  • Ongoing assessment from a professionally registered engineer
  • Reports compiled to support your application
  • A scheme endorsed by the Engineering Council

How do you register?

You will need to:

  1. Become a member at the appropriate grade
  2. Complete an MPDS registration form
  3. Meet with your mentor
  4. Submit your MPDS registration form
  5. If you are a member of another Professional Engineering Institution complete an MPDS registration form 
  6. If you are already on MPDS, you could apply to be a representative on the Young Members Board. Find out more information or contact us at
  7. If you are not sure of whether to register onto the CEng or IEng route, please contact us at for further advice

Then we:

  1. Process your MPDS registration form
  2. Confirm your online access

For more details download MPDS registration in six simple steps.

Read the MPDS and Career Developer Toolkit.

How to transfer your MPDS from one Accredited organisation to another

Are you a graduate on MPDS who wants to transfer from one Accredited organisation to another?

Download and complete the transfer form to enable you to transfer your MPDS from one Accredited organisation to another.

Finding an MPDS mentor

Your organisation should have a process for you to obtain a mentor to guide you through MPDS. MPDS mentors are professionally registered engineers within your organisation, or in a similar field to you, who have agreed to help you plan and reach your personal objectives.

Through regular face-to-face meetings and scheduled submissions, you’ll learn more about the UK-SPEC competences you’ll be working towards each quarter and how best to meet them.

If you’re finding your professional development difficult, you can discuss your training and development with your MPDS mentor.

Your mentor is committed to helping you achieve your competence, so if they are continually unavailable or on extended leave, you will need to discuss being assigned a replacement mentor with your scheme administrator.

If your new mentor is already a registered MPDS mentor with us, all we need is their name and membership number as well as your membership number. Once we have these details we will be able to link your accounts.

If your new mentor is not a registered mentor, they will need to complete a mentor registration form and provide your name and membership number in the Developing Engineer section so we can link your accounts. You should email your new mentor's details to

If you are an employer, find out how MPDS can help your organisation.

Guidance documents


Getting started on MPDS

Now that I’ve completed the scheme, how do I apply for professional registration and membership?

When you are ready to apply for professional registration and full membership, you should complete the online application form available within the My Account area. To access this, you will need to go to Online Applications, then select Online Application Checker. Under the Online application forms section will be the link to both the Chartered Engineer and Incorporated Engineer application forms.

Please note:  You should apply within six months of your completion date. If you don’t apply within this period, we may need to ask you to supply additional standard application documents to support your application. If you will be applying outside this period, email the MPDS team on (including your membership number in the email) to find out what you need to do.

I am registered on MPDS but I have some previous experience, does this count?

The maximum amount of previous experience that may be claimed is 12 months, if working toward IEng, and 18 months if working toward CEng. The approved period will be noted on your MPDS registration form. We do not accept claims for previous experience if they are requested after you have registered. View our Previous Experience Claims Guide for more information.

My company has given me a posting outside my home country, how does this effect my MPDS?

You can still continue on the scheme. If you can’t meet with your mentor while you’re overseas, you may want to select another mentor to work with. They’ll just need to be CEng or IEng registered with the Engineering Council. Alternatively,  you may use an on-site delegate mentor while your MPDS mentor continues to sign-off your paperwork.

My Mentor and I have discussed my experience to date and I need to extend my MPDS what do I do?

You’ll just need to attain the appropriate competence level before applying for professional registration. Your mentor should confirm by email how long you want to extend your MPDS. Continue writing your quarterly reports into your extension period, finishing with a Final Assessment.

What is the purpose of setting a competence achievement level?

It helps you to benchmark where you are in your development.

Typically, you’ll see a steady rise in your achievements, particularly between year 3 and 4. It’s a useful guide for your final year, because your mentor can indicate the minimum score you need to register as a professional engineer.

How do I plan my competences?

Use the planning tool in your account to identify your objectives and map them against the EngC UK-SPEC  competences. You’ll need to create your plans at the start of each quarter.

I have not received a receipt for my MPDS fees

Contact the MPDS team, so that your MPDS receipt is then sent to your preferred email address.

What do my competence levels show?

Your progress throughout your development is assessed against the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC). Every time you achieve a new level of competence, you’re one step closer to becoming a professional engineer.

You should see a steady increase in all of your achievements over the course of your MPDS, particularly in your third and fourth year. At the start of your final year, you’ll be able to see which areas you need to work on in order to register as a professional engineer – your mentor will help you with this. The minimum competence levels expected before you can make an application for professional registration are three level 3s and two level 2s.

Can I extend my MPDS if I feel that I need to gain more experience?

Yes - if you have discussed the situation with your mentor, and they agree that you need more time to gain the appropriate competence levels.

The system will automatically allow you to rollover into the next year. Make sure you continue to submit your reports and assessments during your extension period – you’ll need them for your professional registration interview.

How long will MPDS take to complete?

For Chartered Engineer, typically four years’ worth of quarterly reports and annual assessments should be completed and submitted before applying for registration, however previous experience reduces this timeframe by the amount claimed.

For Incorporated Engineer, typically three years’ worth of quarterly reports and annual assessments should be completed and submitted before applying for registration, however previous experience reduces this timeframe by the amount claimed.

What is the benefit of MPDS over the standard route to registration? 

While the application process is the same for MPDS and direct entry (or standard route) engineers, MPDS provides a structured route towards registration. The mandatory reporting for MPDS includes 4 quarterly reports and 1 annual assessment for each year you are on the scheme. Companies often require DEs to complete reports for each placement regardless of whether you follow MPDS or not so this could be submitted as your quarterly report. Therefore, there is no additional work and it provides a useful record when completing your final application.  

You will be scored on a regular basis against the UK-SPEC competences, allowing you to track your progress, highlight areas for development, and to tailor your graduate placements or continued development to address these gaps. This allows you to develop a strong understanding of the competences which will help you throughout the final application process. It also ensures a level of confidence in others that you are indeed ready to apply and provide enough evidence to achieve registration.


Reporting on MPDS  

What do I include in my quarterly report?

The quarterly report comprises the key elements of your achievements and contributions. You’ll need to make comments on the objectives you set for the quarter.

Include details of:

  • Any presentations or reports you wrote
  • Feasibility studies
  • Meetings with suppliers and customers
  • Process and design reviews
  • Responsibilities

Avoid all jargon. Keep your report between 200-500 words.

Can reports be written offline?

Yes. You can write your quarterly reports in a Word document.

Why does my account say 'I have no plan approved for this quarter'?

You either didn’t create a plan, or your mentor approved your quarterly report before the plan was submitted. Plans must be signed off first, followed by your evidence, then your reports. You don’t have to create a plan, although we recommend it as part of the recommended framework for MPDS.

My report is overdue. What should I do?

If your report is late because your mentor hasn’t yet approved your plans, evidence or reports, discuss the problem with them. If it persists, find a new mentor by contacting your company’s training scheme.

You’ll need to keep on top of your professional development or you may not be able to use your MPDS records for your professional review interview. Your report won’t meet QA requirements for professional registration via MPDS if you wait longer than two years to submit it.

Do I have to record every meeting?

No. Recording meetings is optional.

Do I have to record evidence?

No, but you can keep a simple framework of planning, quarterly reports and annual assessments if you want to. If you aren’t using the 'Evidence' function in Career Developer, you’ll just need to give evidence in your quarterly report of the specific EngC UK-SPEC competences you achieved.

Some organisations don’t allow you to record work-based evidence outside their area of control, so follow your company’s guidelines for evidence submission.

Don’t upload evidence that’s secure or commercially sensitive. If you do upload anything that needs to be removed, please contact the MPDS helpline and we’ll take it down for you immediately.

What is an Action Plan?

An action plan allows you to set aims and objectives for the quarter you’re working in. Your mentor can tell you if they’re achievable – and if you’ll have the resources to do it.

If you don’t achieve your objectives, just readdress them in your next plan. If you think you don’t have sufficient opportunities for development, contact your mentor or your organisation’s training supervisor. It’s up to you to make sure you receive the right placements within your company.

Are scores for evidence averaged out?

No. The score reflects your single piece of evidence for that particular competence. These are auto-mapped to your check sheet, showing where you have gaps in the competence framework.

Your mentor will manually insert the overall competence score for A, B, C, D and E on the Annual Assessment Report, but these won’t show up on your check sheet.

Why do I have to fill in Quarterly Reports?

It’s really important that you report your key achievements and challenges throughout each stage of your development. It’s a compulsory part of the scheme because proving your level of monitored progress is vital to your success on MPDS. If you don’t submit all your reports on time, you won’t meet the requirements of the scheme and you won’t be able to use it as your route to registration.

You have up to two months after the deadline to submit a Quarterly Report.

Remember - making quarterly plans and submitting evidence of your activities and assignments will make the reporting process much easier. Submitting Plans and Evidence is optional.

What is an Annual Assessment?

Once a year, you submit an evaluation of your development over the course of that year. Your mentor will then review your work and award the level of competency you have achieved, so that you can move on to the next stage of your development. Like Quarterly Reports, Annual Assessments are compulsory to submit, and are crucial to your success on the scheme.

Do I have to use the Plans/Evidence List/Meetings function of MPDS?

It’s not compulsory to make plans and submit evidence on the scheme, but using these functions can add real value to your report and will help to make the assessment process much easier. Organising meetings with your mentor can help you get the best quality advice and support and they offer a chance for you to discuss any aspects of the scheme that you find challenging. You should try and meet up with your mentor at least once every quarter.

Your mentor is there to help you achieve the highest levels of competence, so make the most of their support and feedback when you can.

What should I record in the ‘Evidence List’ tool?

This tool allows you to upload examples of your activities and assignments that demonstrate your levels of competences. You should include a summary of any project roles, courses, risk assessments and quality management tasks that you’ve completed during the quarter.

You can upload evidence as a report, calculations, a company appraisal or even a drawing – however you feel best demonstrates the competences you hope to achieve.

Your mentor will review your submitted evidence against the EngC UK-SPEC  and will score your levels of competence. If you need a bit more clarification from your mentor, you can always ask for more feedback.

The evidence size limit should ideally be no bigger than 5MB. If it exceeds this, we would advise to split the file into two or three parts and upload them as separate items. It is good practice to upload no more than five evidence items per quarter.

My mentor hasn’t approved my work and my report is due. What should I do?

It’s important that you submit your reports on time, so if your mentor hasn’t approved your plans and evidence, you should remind them. Make sure you’re always in touch with your mentor when a new report is due.

However, if you feel like your mentor is always forgetting to review your work, you should consider finding a new one. Contact your MPDS scheme administrator to request a new mentor. Your progression is the most important part of your MPDS, and you should always have a strong support network behind you.

What will happen if I fall behind on my reports?

It’s important to keep on top of your professional development if you want your MPDS to be successful. You will need to keep regular contact with your mentor and make sure you both find a way to stick to your reporting deadlines.

We encourage keeping to the annual reporting dates on the MPDS route as this helps to ensure that the professional development being recorded will demonstrate current competence levels. This is particularly important in the last two years of the MPDS scheme.

You will not be able to submit a full year’s worth of reports in one go, as it will be flagged up that you haven’t followed the process properly. Reports need to be submitted every quarter and at the end of the year - it’s the best way to fully evaluate your achievements.

If you have not uploaded any reports within the year, you will need to follow the standard application process to become professionally registered and gain membership of the Institution. All of the work you have completed on MPDS so far and any additional experience can be referenced in the application and you can apply when you feel you have meet the requirements.

Keep a regular check on your report due dates on the ‘My Status’ page.

How many quarters can I work on in any one time?

Only two quarters may be open in the system at any one time, eg. Y2 Q3 report and Y2 Q4 plan.

About MPDS mentors

How will my mentor score my competence levels against EngC UK-SPEC?

They’ll score you against the Engineering Council UK-SPEC competence framework.

Can my mentor attend my peer review interview when I complete my MPDS?

Your MPDS mentor cannot attend your peer review interview.  They can, however, attend the peer review interview of another candidate as part of their own CPD activity.

How will my mentor assess me?

Your mentor will review all the work that you submit, including Plans, Evidence Lists, Quarterly Reports and Annual Assessments. They’ll use the Engineering Council UK-SPEC framework to score your competence levels and provide you with feedback and support.

I am working towards CEng status, but my Mentor is an IEng. Can they still be my Mentor?

Yes,  they can still be your mentor.  However IEng Mentors should ensure that they are fully aware of the differences between the competencies required for IEng and CEng: 

UK-SPEC latest edition

When you are ready to apply for Chartership, your IEng Mentor can be your second sponsor, however you will also require a CEng sponsor to support your application.

MPDS account changes

My mentor has left the company. What do I do?

Firstly, you need to have a discussion with your mentor. They might be happy to continue mentoring you after their move, in which case you don’t need to do anything.

You can continue working with your mentor if they’re willing to meet regularly. However, if your mentor says they are unable to carry on meeting with you, you’ll need to find someone else to take on the role. Remember, all new mentors must be a CEng or IEng registered with the Engineering Council. Therefore, they can be registered with IMechE, or with any other Professional Engineering Institution. If your new mentor isn’t registered with us, they’ll need to complete a Mentor Registration Form.

Email us at with your new mentor's details.

I want to transfer my MPDS to another company?

If you’re joining a new organisation with a registered or accredited MPDS, you’ll need to send us an MPDS Transfer form within two months of joining.

If your new company isn’t registered or accredited for MPDS you cannot continue on MPDS - you can transfer to the Supported Registration Scheme (SRS). SRS utilises the same online reporting tools as MPDS to provide a disciplined and regular reporting framework aligned to the EngC’s UK-SPEC competences. You still have the benefit of having a mentor supporting you but, SRS simply provides a structured approach to help your Initial Professional Development (IPD); you are able to self-monitor your progress and once ready, you will need to apply for professional registration via the Standard-route.

If you have completed and sent an MPDS Transfer form to us and your organisation is not registered or accredited, you will automatically be transferred to the Supported Registration Scheme (SRS).

How can I suspend my MPDS?

Email and tell us when you want your suspension to start. Make sure all your quarterly and annual reports are up to date before then.  You can restart your MPDS from where you left off. Please note there are no refunds for MPDS fees.

We can only retain suspended or terminated records for two years. After this period, you’ll have to apply for professional registration by submitting the standard application documents.

I’ve decided to take a year out – can I suspend my MPDS while I’m away?

Yes, but you’ll need to inform us of your plans and let us know when you return so we can reactivate your account.

Remember – you need to make sure you pay your IMechE subscription fee to prevent your MPDS membership from lapsing. If you have any further questions, call IMechE Subscriptions on +44 (0)1925 214050.

General MPDS FAQs

How do I access my online account?

Please log into the members' area via My Account and click on the MPDS and SRS tools link.  You’ll be taken to your personal online reporting account. You must be a fully paid up member of IMechE and your fees for MPDS should be up to date. You must also have a registered mentor.

Why can’t I log in as a new user?

If you can’t create an account, please email If you receive the message “Access Denied”, please email

Is my mentor registered?

Any IEng or CEng professional engineer can register as a MPDS mentor, but we will need confirmation of their Engineering Council Registration number before we are able to confirm their eligibility. If your mentor has changed, you must email with the updated details. It is your responsibility to follow up your mentor and ensure your mentor has provided us with the mentor registration form.

If I register on to MPDS can my previous experience in mechanical engineering be taken into account?

Yes – previous experience is any relevant engineering experience that your mentor agrees meets EngC UK-SPEC requirements, such as work experience on student placements, or at a previous company.

The maximum amount of previous experience you can claim is 52 weeks if you’re working toward IEng and 78 weeks if you’re working toward CEng.

Your mentor will want to see evidence of your experience, such as in the following:

  • Log books
  • Project or assignment notes
  • Learning experiences
  • Quarterly reports

You or your mentor will need to link this evidence to the relevant EngC UK-SPEC competence. Your mentor will have to assess your experience on or before you register on the MPDS company scheme.

We do not accept claims for previous experience if they are requested after you have registered.

Should I summarise my previous experience? And do I need to fill in the quarterly reports?

You don’t need to fill in a quarterly report and upload it to your online account if your mentor has already signed-off your previous experience.

For previous experience, you do not need to do a report for this, but if you do decide to do this, this can be uploaded to the evidence section as a previous experience report. There is no set template for this, but it would basically take the same form of a quarterly report where you would need to demonstrate with examples how the experience meets the EngC UK-SPEC competences.

When you log in to the My Status page, you’ll see your quarterly reporting framework. This page will also include details of any previous experience, so if you have 52 weeks of approved previous experience, all of year 1 will be credited and you’ll start your quarterly reporting from Year 2 Quarter 1.

Do I need to be a member of IMechE in order to be on MPDS?

Not necessarily. You need to be an Affiliate member to register as an undergraduate user, or an Associate Member of IMechE if you are registering as a graduate member.
However, you can also register onto MPDS if you are a member of another professional engineering institution. In those cases, you would need to enclose with your MPDS registration form a copy of your ID card, or last Subscription letter/email from your institution.

Developing Engineers Toolkit

Developing Engineers Toolkit

Download the MPDS toolkit for Developing Engineers

UK-SPEC 4th Edition

All applicants for registration and membership of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers are assessed against the standards as defined by the Engineering Council (EngC) in the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC). The 4th edition of the UK-SPEC was published on 1 September 2020, for implementation across the sector by 31 December 2021. The 4th edition is available here, with a summary of the key changes.

Because of this required change, the competence statements within the MPDS/SRS tools will be amended to reflect UK-SPEC 4 on 6 September 2021. This should not affect those who have already completed MPDS/SRS and have submitted their membership applications.

UK-SPEC has not changed structurally: the amendments to the templates are small textual changes, so should not impact evidence or plans lodged against current MPDS reports. When applying for membership, you should review text taken from reports to ensure your responses align with the amended wording of UK-SPEC4.

Career developer – My MPDS and SRS tools

Located within Career developer, the My MPDS and SRS tools are only available to those who are on an MPDS or SRS scheme. If you already have an account, log in. 


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