Borrower rules

As a member, you can borrow any publication designated as ‘loan’ on the online database. This also applies if your organisation has an agreement for reciprocal borrowing with our Information and Library Service.

Loan rules

  1. You can borrow up to six loan items for three weeks.
  2. Provided that nobody else has reserved the item, you can renew for a further three weeks, as long as you have contacted the library before the expiry date.
  3. You can make up to four renewals, as long as you have contacted the library before each expiry date, subject to a maximum loan period of 15 weeks.
  4. After four renewals, you can’t borrow the same item again for the next month.
  5. If you don’t return an item after 15 weeks you will be charged the cost of replacement (or £75, whichever is greater). You will lose access to library facilities until you have paid.
  6. The library reserves the right not to lend you any books if you have not complied with the above rules, for the benefit of other library users.


All items must be returned to:
The Library
Institution of Mechanical Engineers
One Birdcage Walk
You will need to send the items by Special Delivery if the loan slip in the front of the item says this is required, otherwise you can post it first class from within the UK, or airmail from elsewhere.

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