Ambassador and volunteer programmes

We work with groups of young people, either in school settings or more informally.  We give practical experience of engineering problems, to inspire them and encourage them to find out more.

As part of our commitment to inspiring the next generation of engineers, we offer schools and colleges opportunities to invite professional engineers to speak to students and or lead some STEM-related activities.

Classroom visits are a great way to demonstrate the exciting nature of engineering. In collaboration with our partners, we have a range of initiatives across the country for children aged five and upwards, which ensure that pupils get a memorable hands-on experience.

If you would like to share your experience, knowledge, skills and inspire young people, here is a great opportunity for you.

  • STEMAZING Inspiration Academy

    We are excited to offer this programme free to a limited number of women in STEM. Take the opportunity to develop your communication and engagement skills through this programme.

    • STEM Ambassador

      STEM Ambassadors from local businesses help young people build a picture of what it’s like to work in industry.  They can:

      • speak to children
      • conduct experiments
      • lead activities
      • judge a school STEM competition or even help at a careers fair.
    • Primary Engineer

      Primary Engineer® is an ongoing initiative to encourage UK primary school children to develop their designing and making skills and find the path to becoming a future engineer.

    • Inspiring the Future

      Inspiring the Future connects 8,600 teachers with over 23,000 volunteers.

      Speaking to young people about your engineering job, career and the educational route you took, inspire them to pursue a career in engineering.

    • Regional Education Officers - connect now!

      Our Regional Education Officers (REO) across the UK work with local bodies, local authorities and key national organisations to support ambassador schemes, outreach and other educational initiatives.

    • Resources to support you

      Our network of partners and organisations have a wide range of  useful resources to support your work.

      • Primary Engineer
      • Tomorrow's Engineers
      • Stem Learning
      • Technology for Fun

Ordering materials

We offer a wide range of free educational materials for our members to use at STEM Outreach and promotional activities.

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