Ben Truman AMIMechE
Global Engineering Lead – Actuation & Propeller Systems, UTC Aerospace Systems

BEng Mechanical Engineering, University of BirminghamBen Truman lg

What does your company do?

We create aerospace systems. Any aircraft that’s flying will have UTAS equipment in it - from cockpit and cabin systems all the way through to landing systems and flight controls in the wings and tails.

Tell us a career highlight?

I designed the first class cabin interiors for Emirates airlines in my first graduate role. Only a mechanical engineer could have found a way to fit a fully-reclining chair, a desk, a wardrobe a minibar and a TV into such a tiny, yet stylish, space!

More recently, I designed parts for a thrust reverser to help the giant Airbus A350 XWB land on shorter runways. This was only the world’s second ever electric thrust reverser – they used to be powered hydraulically, but electrical systems weigh less and are more reliable.

What do you like most about your job?

No matter what role you progress into, you can still be creative – from inventing new products to developing better processes.

I also like working with colleagues from around the world. Getting fresh perspectives is so important, and it’s really rewarding when you end up with an innovative solution because different people with different ideas have worked together.

Do you get to travel much?

I’ve travelled extensively with work all over Europe, in India and the USA. The global network was one of the reasons I joined my company – as a mechanical engineer there are always opportunities to travel and work overseas.

What do you like most about the mechanical engineering profession?

Everything that you look at has been designed by an engineer, and everything that moves has been designed by a mechanical engineer. I like that mechanical engineering is all about improving the way that we live. Making things more efficient, more effective and more environmentally-friendly. We get to make a difference to the world.

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