What is mechanical engineering?

If cogs, fast cars and rockets spring to mind, give yourself half a mark. Because mechanical engineering is so much more than that!

Mechanical engineering is all about movement. It is the application of science and technology to solve real-world problems, through the manipulation of moving parts.

What do mechanical engineers do?

Mechanical engineers create prosthetic limbs. They design new technology to improve food production, invent 3D printers and wireless chargers, and develop better water supplies. They even create robotic manufacturing plants. And yes, they also make fast cars, faster planes and even faster rockets.

In a word, mechanical engineers create.

They do this all over the world, and almost every industry you can think of relies on mechanical engineering to thrive. That’s why there’s such a huge global demand for mechanical engineers, and why they’re paid so well.

Mechanical engineers are problem solvers

Mechanical engineers will find solutions to some of the worlds biggest challenges.

  • How can we feed a growing population?
  • Where will we get all the energy we need?
  • How do we live more sustainably?
  • When will we put people on Mars?
  • What will keep our infrastructure secure?

Mechanical engineers will help find the answers to these big questions and more. And not just through technical expertise. The best answers will arrive in a spark of inspiration. Because mechanical engineers are the inventors who turn ideas into reality.

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