Mechanical engineering careers guide

Our guide is aimed at graduate and experienced mechanical engineers in the UK, as well as others planning to enter the profession. It covers advice on job hunting, as well as tips and information about progressing your career. 

How to find a mechanical engineering job

A good place to start your search is the job sections of websites, trade magazines and newspapers, some of which are available to members in our on-site library. 


Professional Engineering is the journal for mechanical engineers and current issues of these magazines are available in our library for you to browse for vacancies. 


The following newspapers advertise engineering vacancies:

The Telegraph (Tues/Thurs)
The Times (Thurs)
The Guardian (Thurs)    

Engineering vacancy websites

General vacancy websites which include engineering

Job vacancies and internships for graduates

Executive job websites

Search for executive appointments from recruitment agencies and listings sites for senior roles:

For more experienced and older workers

Attend a recruitment fair or exhibition

Employers go to recruitment fairs to promote their opportunities and their organisation to students and graduates. It’s a good way to meet employers face to face, ask any questions and find out which industry and role is right for you.