Tom OwenTom Owen

Senior Business Development Manager - International

Tom Owen joined the Institution as International Business Development Manager in early 2015, and is part of the international team focused on growing membership outside the UK.

Tom is responsible for creating and maintaining long term relationships with key engineering companies, as well as introducing new companies and sites to the Institution. He supports engineers through the process of Professional Registration, and provides guidance and advice to candidates and their employers.

He is doing a lot of work in the Gulf regions where there is a strong interest in membership, and a network of active volunteers and people are keen for professional development. His role is global and he supports membership development in the seven international regions of the Institution: Europe, Middle East and Africa, North East Asia, South East Asia, Southern Asia, Oceania and the Americas. He enjoys travelling and building relationships with companies all over the world.

Tom has a long running fascination with engineering, and when younger he was an air cadet. He loved flying and understanding the engineering behind the aeroplanes. He is particularly interested in how new technology from aerospace and materials is applied to sports; from Formula 1 racing cars to tennis racquets. This led him to do a degree in Sports Technology at the University of Bath, which gave him a well-rounded engineering background.

He went on to work at a water and environmental professional body, most recently working as the Head of Membership and Professional Development. He has extensive experience supporting engineers and scientists to gain membership and registration, whilst supporting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and training.

Meeting people who are passionate about what they do is an exciting part of his job. Tom strongly believes that university education is not an endpoint, and continuing to learn and professionally develop is vital to engineers and technicians.,/p>

Tom's top three

Favourite engineering innovation: Jet engine.
Person I most admire: Isambard Kingdom Brunel FRS.
Greatest challenge facing engineering: Population growth. Finding real solutions for feeding people, transporting them and supporting their lifestyles will require innovation from engineers and technicians.