Sandra Mulligan

Business Development Manager


Based in Glasgow, Sandra guides engineers all over Scotland, in industry and academia, through the process of gaining registration. This includes encouraging students & apprentices to sign up for their free membership to coaching engineers to achieve Chartered, Incorporated or Engineering Technician registration and Fellowship.

This is done through presentations, workshops, seminars and one to one advice sessions throughout the Region both as in company events and also as open events. These events provide members of the engineering profession many opportunities to access guidance, support and advice either face to face, over the phone or via email and webinars.

She also advises organisations on how to set up the Supported Registration Scheme on site and/or get their training schemes approved or accredited by the Institution. Sandra also runs mentor training sessions and networking events for industry contacts.

Having worked in the region for a long time, Sandra has a wide network of personal contacts and has close links with the volunteer committees. Frequent positive feedback confirms that she carries out her business development role with a high level of competence and professionalism.

Sandra particularly enjoys visiting companies and seeing the exciting careers that exist in engineering in Scotland today. She feels fortunate to meet a variety of engineers from a huge variety of industry sectors and finds it rewarding to help engineers progress their career goals and ambitions.

Sandra graduated from Trinity College Dublin, and went on to hold a variety of sales and marketing roles in the corporate hospitality sector, working with Virgin Hotels and Sodexho before joining IMechE.

Sandra's top three

Favourite engineering innovation: ATM. 
Person I most admire: Tim Berners-Lee (and Owen Maclaren!). 
Greatest challenge facing engineering: Cheap zero carbon energy.