Dr Jenifer Baxter

Jen Baxter

Chief Engineer


Dr Jenifer Baxter works closely with Members to raise the profile of engineers and engineering potential, to generate discussion and provide thought leadership.

Jenifer’s enthusiasm for engineering comes from the incredible capabilities of humans to manipulate and change our environment for the good of society.

Jenifer is responsible for engaging with government, industry and academia, aiming to ensure that the engineering perspective is included in policy making, innovation and research and development. Bringing the views of Members, research and her knowledge of the sector together, Jenifer provides insight and opinion to the media ensuring greater awareness of engineers and their role.

Jenifer has published a number of academic papers on hydrogen technologies, the role of policy making in engineering innovation and innovation system modelling, as well as a number of magazine and opinion pieces for the Institution. She is a member of the Council for the Society of the Environment.

Jenifer joined the Institution of Mechanical Engineers as Head of Energy and the Environment in May 2015. She entered engineering in 1995 undertaking a BTEC in general engineering at North Hertfordshire College with an aim to change the world and create a cleaner environment through engineering. Following this Jenifer gained a BEng in Environmental Engineering in 2001 and an MSc in Sustainability, Planning and Environmental Policy in 2003, both from Cardiff University. Following an early spell in research, Jenifer went to work for the waste strategy team at the Welsh Government for six years until she left to study a PhD in technological innovation for hydrogen production from waste also from Cardiff University. Jenifer is an expert in combined research methods for engineering, the role of policy making in engineering innovation, waste and resource management and low carbon technologies.

Prior to joining the Institution, Jenifer was Head of Enterprise and Innovation at the University of East London and has also been Research Manager and Lecturer in the Engineering Department of the University of South Wales.

Jenifer’s top three

Favourite engineering innovation: I have three that I own: Toyota Prius, roller skates and my recliner.
Person I most admire: The achievements of my family, in many different ways - from innovation to academia. I admire Sir Isaac Newton for his bravery in experimental science.
Greatest challenge facing engineering: Delivering large infrastructure projects in an increasingly political environment with a growing population and changing climate.