Craig Davies

Craig Davies

Business Development Executive

Western and Wessex Regions 

Craig joined the Business Development Team in early January 2017. Since then he has been working to establish meaningful contacts within the region to build on existing Institution activities and enhance our Members' experience.

Craig has a passion for supporting individuals to achieve their life goals, whether those goals are personal or work-based, quite often these go hand in hand. He has a strong background in education, training, assessment and verification. Over the last 20 years, he has worked alongside some of the most disadvantaged individuals in society, supporting them to build their confidence, raise their aspirations and move forward to become valued and active members of their community.

Craig spent 10 years as a Youth Development Officer, specialising in providing engagement activities and learning opportunities for young people to develop key skills in order to access further training and higher education.

He then become a Skills Development Specialist. He was responsible for setting up an accredited training centre, where he developed over 50 high-quality courses set at various levels of learning, which won several local and national awards for its work. The part of this role he found most rewarding was delivering support and training to professionals who worked in front line services to deliver high-quality learning opportunities to their service users.

Craig has always had an interest in the sciences and emerging technologies and has an acute awareness of how these are changing the world we live in. What attracted him to work for the Institution was its approach. It became apparent to him from the onset that this was a supportive and nurturing organisation. Rewarding for not only the Institution members who actively participate in opportunities provided by the organisation, but for the staff who are employed to enable and support the members to engage. This is something that he is happy to invest his time and energy into and also be very proud to be a part of.